Rexona Go Pokéstop Takeover


Rexona Go Pokéstop Takeover rode the rising wave of the Pokemon Go trend. Rexona, the Philippines’ leading deodorant brand, introduced Motionsense– an innovation featuring fragrance capsules that protects and deodorizes, triggered by perspiration and friction. The more one moves, the fresher one gets.

When Pokémon Go launched, it was immensely popular. People moved from one key area to another as part of the gameplay. It was also a great opportunity to demonstrate Rexona’s promise of keeping its users fresher the more they moved.

Rexona Go Pokéstop Takeover! combined in-person activation and online amplification. Only 6 days after the app launched in the Philippines, the brand converted 6 Pokéstops into real-life Rexona Go Stations, offering outdoor essentials for players: water tumbler, mobile power banks, caps, and of course, Rexona roll-ons.

Reach went beyond expectations.

  • 4 Million Views in just 3 days
  • 21 Million Impressions (700+% over the local benchmark)
  • 3 Million people reached (Almost 60% of target market online)

Sales growth was equally impressive.

  • 29% Growth of Featured Variant – a month after activation
  • +127 Points in Penetration of Featured Variant – two months after the activation