Wendy’s Find the Burger on Facebook Live


Wendy’s Find the Burger on Facebook Live was a timely, interesting use of the then newly-launched fucntion. The objective was to launch three new branches and generate awareness and interest. So how do you draw foot traffic from the hungry working population in areas dense with fast food choices?

We played a Facebook Live game of Finders Keepers, telling Wendy’s Facebook fans that if they could guess the new Wendy’s locations and find the burger shown live, they could keep the burger.

The host steadily gave out clues leading to the new stores. People came for the burgers, and tagged their friends to join.

Wendy’s Find the Burger on Facebook Live was a success, reaching 107,800 people in the surrounding area, and 145% of the original reach target – all done without the aid of boosting.

Total engagement for the Wendy’s Facebook page also increased by 152.2% vs the previous month.

In the featured stores, foot traffic posted a 9% increase vs the previous quarter, and burger sales grew by 15% – proving that adding a little bit of fun to eating out can go a long way.